Here to Help You!

Solutions for Helping You Cope Better with Life's REALLY BIG Challenges!


How to Help Cartoon

Enjoy this fun-filled cartoon presentation about helping others.

Learn to be of real help!

More Affirmation Life Tools - Toothbrush Forgiveness

Learn how the simple act of brushing your teeth can lead you to a life of FORGIVING & FORGIVENESS!

Affirmation Beads

Learn how to make your very own Affirmation Beads.

And better still, learn how to use them!

More Affirmation Life Tools - Spiritual Disinfectant

"A little spray will do ya!!!"


Top 7 Affirmation Life Tools Intro

The Top 7 Affirmation Life Tools chosen by chemo patients and others who use these valuable strategies.

So, hold on for a fast ride!

Affirmations Life Tool Number 7

Cancel, Cancel, Cancel those negative thoughts, feelings, and experiences away.

Replace with positive thoughts, feelings, and experiences along your way!

Affirmations Life Tool Number 6.1

Cup Emptying Release Method

Pour those negative thoughts, feelings, and experiences down the drain.

Affirmation Life Tool Number 6.2

Cup Affirming Method

Drink in all that is positive about life and living.

Affirmations Life Tool Number 5

It's amazing all the difference that a 1% change in your thoughts, habits, and action can make.

Change one thing at a time!

Affirmation Life Tool Number 4

Brain fog! Where did I put that?

Use Clear, Search, and Retrieve to deal with such occurrences.

Affirmations Life Tool Number 3

It's time to 'STOP' and change those negative thoughts, feelings, and what your are expereincing.

Affirmation Life Tool Number 2

Learn the secret of eating a whole apple...and that's not an apple computer.

Although, it could be a macintosh apple!

Affirmations Life Tool Number 1

This too shall all things do!

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