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Feedback from professionals and patients

Feedback.Thoughts and Reflections

"When you first told me about your Affirmation Life Tools, I kinda of wondered . . .but, after seeing and hearing the great results I know you and your work are helping..."

Much Respected Doctor

I did Affirmations in 1974 when I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer given 6 months to live...I added mental and spiritual components that included affirmations...."

Dr Carl Helvie

"Similarly to... other sensory detail, affirmations are energetically capable of influencing mind-body-spirit interactions..."

Dr. Joseph Cardillo

"I have used and am using Anne Marie's 'Clear, Search and Retrieve' exercise to help me cope with chemo brain fog and it is working great..."

Anita MacAulay, chemo patient

"I have been an RN for 34 years and can bear testimony of the power of affirmations. I have watched people survive cancer, chemo and life-threatening illnesses,..."

Carolyn Walsh, Registered Nurse

"I was sceptical but I decided to give Affirmations a try. I prepared my Master Affirmation, glued a picture of me healthy and relaxed above it, and repeated..."

Ewa, Cancer Chemo Patient

"Not only did Anne Marie use these Affirmation Tools herself, but she was enthusiastic about teaching other interested patients/family members how to use them..."

Iris Enkurs, Social Worker

"I can usually tell by a patient's mental attitude if he/she will complete their chemo treatments. I was amazed at how Anne Marie's affirmation teachings transformed..."

Dr. Sasha Smiljanic, chemotherapy doctor

"I think positive, uplifting affirmations are very helpful to everyone, but especially those living with cancer or other health challenges, those undergoing chemotherapy..."

Dr. Paul Sugar, palliative-care

"Mind and body are a unit and I have learned that we can generate health by having beliefs and affirmations with a positive outlook. It's really about having hope and conviction..."

Dr. Bernie Siegel

"...Affirmations consist of positive, controlled and directed self-talk that gives focus and impact to one's plans and goals for personal growth and fulfillment...."

Dr. Lee Pulos, Sports Psychologist

"...We are people just like you and we do not want to be pitied. We are strong, courageous people who are in the fight of our lives to survive!..."

Young Lady with cancer/chemo patient