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HELP COPE with CHEMO and Other Medical Challenges

Help Cope with Chemo-Affirmations Intro

Dr. Evers provides a brief overview to Affirmations.

Help Cope with Chemo-W5 and HOW

Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How? of Affirmations is explained.

Help Cope with Chemo-5 Building Blocks

Learn the five key components of building effective affirmations.

Help Cope with Chemo-Protocols

Learn the best practices to writing and saying your personal affirmations.

Help Cope with Chemo-Stories

Stories illustrate how affirmations have worked for people just like you.

Affirmations Presentation - Help Cope with Chemo

This is the full extended 17 minute presentaton.

This three-part video presentation addresses

  1. the five Ws and how of affirmations,
  2. the Five Building Block Process, and
  3. Writing affirmations.
This presentation is shared with chemo/radiation patients and caregivers at workshops Dr. Anne Marie Evers gives in North Vancouver, B.C.

Whistler CCOCO Conference June 19-21, 2015.

Part 1 - Affirmations Life Tools Introduction

Dr. Evers shares some thoughts about how her encounter with cancer and chemo inspired her to create Affirmation Life Tools Help Cope with Chemo and/or Other Medical Treatments.

A number of professional authorities are cited who support the use of Affirmations in dealing with health and other life challenges and patients who are using them to better cope with their medical treatment(s).

Part 2 - Affirmation Life Tools Whistler Presentation

The four-part video presentation addresses

  1. the five Ws and how of affirmations,
  2. the Five Building Block Process,
  3. Writing affirmations, and
  4. three BIG FAQs.

This presentation is similar to the presentation Dr. Evers shares with chemo patients and caregivers at her workshops.

Part 3 - Top 7 Affirmation Life Tools

A very fast and fun-filled presentation of the Top 7 Affirmation Life Tools as identified and chosen by chemo patients and others who use these valuable strategies.

Affirmation Life Tools are on the main page.

So, hold on for a fast ride!

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